What We Preach

Everything we do comes back to the following 

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? What platforms do they use? Where do they go that they could come across your brand? What do they care about? What are their problems that you solve? Is this reflected in your brand and messaging?

Know Your WIN

What are you trying to accomplish? What needs to happen for you to consider your efforts a success? What is your win?

Make sure your win is specific and measurable, so you (and everyone involved) can track whether or not your actions have accomplished your dream.

Know the conversions needed to accomplish your win

Your “win” is the final outcome you want to see, but you can’t get there over night. You have to take baby steps and each of those baby steps should be mapped out, so you know where you are and what needs to happen next. 

We often hear “we want more assets”. Great! Spoiler alert, so do we. But, what do you need your audience to do to increase your assets? Do you need more clients? Do you need your current clients to bring over more assets? What actions do your prospects need to take prior to them becoming a client?