Meet Kalli's Team of Experts

Kalli Fedusenko

Founder & Director,

Over 10 years of experience in the financial planning industry, a former position as Digital Marketing Coach For The FPA,  and being formerly licensed with the series 7 & 63 provides Kalli an insight and understanding into your practice and objectives. She specializes in brand strategy, web content strategy, video content planning, and more. This powerful combination of creativity and strategy makes Kalli the perfect guide to give your brand a voice.

As director, Kalli strategizes and plans for both Kalli Collective and client marketing plans. If you have a question on becoming a client, adjusting your goals & service plan, or on your invoice then you want to contact Kalli!



With a background in small business development and operations from the ground up, Hannah brings her expertise with client perception and relations to crafting a voice for your business. Her wordsmithing endeavors include authoring a book, tutoring continuing education ESL students, and designing and writing an internship curriculum for a social enterprise.

As a wordsmith, Hannah uses the details & goals of your plan to write content designed to achieve your objectives. Hannah works behind the scenes most times, but you may meet her on your calls or hear from her with a content request or question.

Ashley Garland

Crystal QUEEN

With a degree in graphic design, Ashley has a knack for bringing stories to life. This Valencia College graduate spent the last year working in the non-profit sector and has a huge heart for using her artistic powers for good.

As a creator, Ashley uses the details & goals of your plan to create content designed to achieve your objectives. Ashley works behind the scenes most times, but you may meet her on your calls or hear from her with a content request or question.

Kyle Beyke

Just Kyle

A self-described lifelong learner, Kyle started in computers at age 7. His extensive experience building systems and websites, along with his qualifications and formal training in C++, Java, A+, and more, make him the perfect match for your site development needs. When he isn’t behind a screen, you can find him fishing, hunting, camping, or pursuing his secondary passion as a chef.
As Kalli Collective’s resident IT wizard, Kyle works behind the scenes to build the backbone of your website and optimize SEO based on your brand, services, and objectives. Think of him as the fairy godfather of site development. He’s setting up Google analytics for optimum monitoring and improving your site traffic and navigation.

Jesse Couch

Video producer,

Jesse has been creating amazing video content for commercial, corporate, and music industry brands for more than 10 years. We’re not talking small potatoes, these are brands and entertainers you’ve heard of like Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban. His refined skill and creative eye allow your story to be told in a way that engages and resonates with your audience.

As both an account executive and video producer, Jesse is involved with both the preparing and executing of your plans and the editing of your videos. Think of him as your "go-to" person. He's on your calls. He's managing your project boards and timelines. He's gathering all needed documents from you and creating outlines for our team.

If you have a question or edit on your video content then you want to contact Jesse!



Group Inbox Email Retriever

Clementine is a mix of love and joy bundled in soft fur. She hails from the two smartest canine breeds, bringing quick wit and fast learning. She lives to please and has a way of wriggling her way into any heart.

Employee of the Month every month since 2018, Clementine is responsible for demanding pets in the middle of work sessions, interrupting zoom calls, fetching things you didn’t throw, and removing the recycling from the bin to break it into smaller pieces. Most importantly, she retrieves all emails to info@kallicollective.com for each coworker. We certainly wouldn’t have made it this far without her.


zoom mic tester

Bogey is a mix of intelligence and spring-loaded energy wrapped in a curly coat of storm clouds. He loves his voice to be heard in team meetings and is always willing to lend a paw (whether you asked for it or not.) He strives to be the only thing to warm your feet. Socks beware.

Testing mics since his arrival back in March of 2022, Bogey always has his mom's back. He is keen to ensure her mic is working, even if she has already tested it. Beyond the technology checks, he is always there to make sure his pawrents aren't lonely during and after working hours. He is most generous by sharing everything with them, including but not limited to toys, burps and the occasional rogue leaf.


Quality Control

Marley likes to leave his mark on the world, usually with tufts of fluff that stick to everything with a profusion akin to a tub of superfine glitter that has been hit by a leaf blower. His joys in life are snuggles, Mcdonald's cheeseburgers, and catnip. His extensive list of woes includes a too-small unicorn costume and his arch-nemesis, April, the tabby next door.

Marley brings an unflinching commitment to excellence to everything he oversees, which is, naturally, everything he lays eyes on. The model of punctuality, he ensures that mealtimes are on the radar at least an hour ahead of schedule, and practices excellent communication skills in doing so. He knows his mind and makes no compromises, whether that’s selecting the highest quality catnip or protecting the home from undesirable rodent guests– even when that involves bringing prospective intruders into the house to ensure his efforts are appreciated. 

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