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How To Follow Up From A Webinar

After hours upon hours of researching, planning, writing, rehearsing and trying to figure out how to get your webcam to work, you did it. Your webinar went off without a hitch. It was meticulously structured, comprehensively informative and, most importantly, not boring. 

Great! Easy part’s over. Now comes the challenge of converting those attendees into honest-to-goodness clients. It’s one thing to have an out-of-this-world webinar that surprises and delights your audience, but in order to bring it all home and win their business, it’s what comes after the webinar that’s crucial.

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Ditch the Yawn-worthy Webinar

These days, with the new norm of live presentations being sidelined for online options, it makes a dull, clunky webinar that much more intolerable. And when potential clients mentally tune out during your spiel, they’re not going to discover all the reasons you would be a great advisor for them. Not losing your audience to boredom can be especially tricky when the content you’re presenting isn’t what most people would call “fun.”

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