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How To Follow Up From A Webinar

After hours upon hours of researching, planning, writing, rehearsing and trying to figure out how to get your webcam to work, you did it. Your webinar went off without a hitch. It was meticulously structured, comprehensively informative and, most importantly, not boring. 

Great! Easy part’s over. Now comes the challenge of converting those attendees into honest-to-goodness clients. It’s one thing to have an out-of-this-world webinar that surprises and delights your audience, but in order to bring it all home and win their business, it’s what comes after the webinar that’s crucial.

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Lighting 1-2-3

As an advisor hosting a webinar, or merely connecting with clients via zoom calls, you don’t want your poorly lit face to be what participants remember. If your audience is distracted, you can almost guarantee that your efforts for organizing a digital meet-up are in vain.

Kalli Collective’s video producer, Jesse Couch, spills the beans on the trade secret of how to light-up like a rockstar in this tell-all article.

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Ditch the Yawn-worthy Webinar

These days, with the new norm of live presentations being sidelined for online options, it makes a dull, clunky webinar that much more intolerable. And when potential clients mentally tune out during your spiel, they’re not going to discover all the reasons you would be a great advisor for them. Not losing your audience to boredom can be especially tricky when the content you’re presenting isn’t what most people would call “fun.”

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