Client Event Considerations

There are a multitude of things to consider when planning an event. We’re not talking about what you should wear (the black dress or fitted suit is always a great choice, though), or how you should wear your hair. We’re talking about what the overall event should be about, having a checklist and the things most often forgotten about. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Overall Purpose of the Event

Why are you having this event? Other than trying to connect with your clients and having them interact with each other, you have to think about how you are going to interact with them. Our leading lady Kalli Fedusenko suggests using the 5 love languages. Now we’re not saying that you need to have them love you (in that way at least), but considering how people like to be interacted with is a great starting point. Do they love gifts? Attention? Do they need quality time with you to feel appreciated? Consider using these types of techniques throughout your event so that everyone feels appreciated by you and your fellow advisors.

Have a Checklist

Saint Nick has a good thing going with lists, and so should you. Angela York suggests listing anything and everything you can think of. Have you contacted the venue and confirmed with them the dates and times you’ll need it? How about your speaker for the event? Most importantly, have you contacted your clients to make sure they are attending? Of course, the way you contact them is equally important, such as making sure you have your email invitations or printed invitations designed and ready to go, then remembering to actually send them. Are you writing this all down? If not, we’ve got you covered for the basics. Get your downloadable event checklist here.

What do Advisors Tend to Forget?

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate so forgetting things for your event is a common occurrence. Thankfully, our experts know how to keep you in line:

Yes, we mean everything. Pens, paper, paperclips, clipboards, batteries, you name it. If you’re giving a presentation via your laptop, have a copy of your presentation on a flash drive, and have an extra laptop available to use. 

In your opinion your event went great! But what did your clients think? Remember to reach out after the event, thank them for coming and ask what they thought.

There’s nothing worse than having a client RSVP, not having record of it, then not having enough supplies at your event for them because your headcount was off. If you can, have a single employee to receive the RSVP’s and make a list of the clients that have replied. If you don’t have a specified person to receive the RSVPs, then having a master document available for all employees to access to mark off the clients that are coming is a great idea. The more checklists, the better!

It seems no matter what time you put on your invitations (that you have already masterfully checked off on your checklist as designed and sent) clients always arrive at an earlier time. This means you should always be at least a half hour early, if not an hour.

“Who are you again?” is not a question that makes for a lasting good impression. Everyone at the event should have a nametag, including you, your fellow advisors, and the clients. They take off the pressure of remembering everyone’s name, which, depending on how big your event may be, can be nearly impossible.  If possible, include your logo on your nametag. Also, remember to wear your nametag on the same side as your dominant hand that you shake hands with. This way, whoever is shaking your hand can look straight across and see your name.

Planning an event can be beyond stressful, but we hope these few tips can help. Stay tuned for some more helpful tips when it comes to planning your next event!