How to Make Your Email Memorable

You have something important to share. You’ve done your research, drafted your thoughts, polished your prose, and hit Send with the anticipation of a child on the night before their birthday party. Yet, there’s no response, no follow-up, and not even so much as a quick one-word reply from your Contacts. You may even start to worry, “Did they even READ it?!” If this email routine is painfully familiar, know that you are not alone.

Emailing is a great way to share your ideas, but the challenge is getting your message through the multitude of emails one receives every day. In fact, it is estimated the average person receives 100-120 emails a day, and this is NOT including their Spam folder! To help you reach your audience, we’re sharing our top 3 tips for getting through the slush pile and making your email memorable.

In fact, it is estimated the average person receives 100-120 emails a day, and this is NOT including their Spam folder!

TIP #1: Prioritize Your Purpose.

When crafting your emails, make sure you clearly identify your purpose. While obtaining new clients is great, you have much more to gain from your email correspondence. Instead of only focusing on your services, use the opportunity to educate, inform, and inspire your email recipients. In doing so, you will show your value to current and prospective clients and why they can’t say no to what you have to offer.

TIP #2: Choose Your Words Wisely.

 Many people glance past emails due to lack of time. This is a great indicator that keeping your emails brief and to the point will help your message stand out. Remember, short and concise is twice as nice. In addition, be sure to use the appropriate language and tone that your audience is familiar with. This ensures your communication is clear and effective. Want to strengthen your writing skills? Check out our blog post 7 Writing Tips for Financial Advisors for more tips!

TIP #3: Let Your Personality Shine.

Want to know what really makes your email memorable? It’s YOU. Your brand, your voice, and your experiences are what separate you from any of your competitors. The more willing you are to allow your personality to shine through, the more you can authentically connect with your audience. Consider this: If your clientele read an email without your signature, would they be able to know it was still from you? To learn more about how to infuse personality into your content, read Why Having Fun In Your Content Is Important.

The fact is your voice matters. Utilizing email is a great way to promote and further your ideas to your current and potential clients. By establishing your purpose, you will be able to craft your content with intention. Applying a clear, concise message with your authentic self, your email will go from Message Unread to Reply and Forward.

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