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Equipping The Financial Industry with Marketing Tools

ISO of a speaker for your business development conference or seminar? Kalli has answers to your marketing questions and the financial industry experience to back them up. She shoots straight, doesn’t beat around the bush, and won’t make you feel self-conscious about what you don’t know or silly for asking questions. The financial industry can often seem heady and complex, but not in her capable hands. You can count on a no-frills, casually informative experience that clearly outlines the whys and hows of the digital marketing process in an approachable and professional manner. As a woman entrepreneur and business owner, she knows what it takes to succeed and loves equipping others on their own journeys to success.

Kalli fedusenko, digital marketing expert & Professional speaker

Leveraging her extensive experience in the financial sector to revolutionize digital marketing for advisors, Kalli captivates audiences with her engaging talks Known for her practical insights and relatable style, Kalli’s expertise helps financial advisors build genuine connections and grow their businesses. Whether speaking, writing, or consulting, Kalli’s mission is to simplify marketing and inspire action.

If you are looking for someone to offer the marketing "easy button" to your attendees Kalli is the answer for your next event. Her approach not only enlightens but also empowers financial professionals to reach their full potential. 

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Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
Bill Cates, CSP, CPAEPresident, Referral Coach Int’l
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Kalli Fedusenko is a dynamic presenter with a wealth of knowledge that she shares in an engaging manner. She’s a consummate professional and brings highly relevant value to her audiences.
Connor Sung, CFP®, BFA™
Connor Sung, CFP®, BFA™Director, Financial Planning at eMoney Advisor
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Kalli is an amazing person! She is energetic, an amazing speaker and interviewer, and is extremely fun to work with. Her lighthearted and professional approach always puts me in a better place. Kalli is an expert in her field and you can feel the passion! She is sympathetic and empathetic and has built an amazing village around her that she shares with all.
Ben Lewis
Ben LewisChief Communications Officer at Financial Planning Association
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Kalli Fedusenko is a talented, engaging speaker on all things digital marketing for financial professionals. She has spoken at several of our national events and consistently knocks it out of the park with her content, delivery, and style. If you are looking for someone to uncover the mysteries of digital marketing for your audience, look no further than Kalli!
Matt Halloran
Matt Halloran
Podcasting and Influence Expert
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Kalli is one of the most engaging speakers I have met in my years working with her. She is engaging, entertaining, and an expert in delivering high quality information to help you market more effectively and efficiently.
Emily Koochel, Ph.D., AFC®, CFT- I™
Emily Koochel, Ph.D., AFC®, CFT- I™Manager, Financial Wellness at eMoney Advisor
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Working with Kalli is an absolute pleasure! Kalli’s spirited approach creates a fun, engaging, and energetic environment. Moreover, Kalli's punctuality and accountability ensure that each task is completed efficiently and with excellence.
Laura Garfield
Laura Garfield
Founder, Idea Decanter
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Coming from a TV News background, I was impressed with Kalli's poise in an interview. She confidently sets up topics, actively listens through Q&A, and makes the whole thing fun for the audience and the guest. This is a skill and a talent, and Kalli has both!
Charlie Van Derven
Charlie Van Derven
President, Social Advisors
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Kalli and I have hosted each other on our webinars, LinkedIn Live and other virtual formats. Kalli is great! An obvious subject matter expert who expresses herself without issue. She is professional, prepared, engaging, well-humored, and can keep the audiences attention. Any and all feedback I have received about Kalli has been extremely positive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kalli for speaking engagements.
Justin Peters
Justin PetersPodcast Host
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Kalli is an engaging speaker and student of the financial industry. Each time I talk to her, I'm impressed with the new things she is learning about the industry to improve her client's effectiveness. Kalli is a wealth of knowledge and would be a great speaker at your next event.
David Dubofsky, PhD, CFA
David Dubofsky, PhD, CFABook Author
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Kalli interviewed me in January 2024. She asked good, probing questions and at the same time, made me feel comfortable conversing with her. She clearly did her homework in advance as she was familiar with the work that Lyle Sussman and I had previously published. I enjoyed being interviewed.

What kind of presentation are you looking for?

Kalli is available to support your in-person and virtual financial advisor events, from educational webinars to broadcast keynotes.

Keynote 2024

Why your marketing should be like a two-toed sloth

Discover the unexpected parallels between marketing strategies and the remarkable resilience of the two-toed sloth. Explore how these seemingly lazy creatures defy expectations and achieve remarkable feats, inspiring new perspectives on marketing challenges. Join Kalli to unlock fresh insights and actionable strategies, empowering you to overcome obstacles and approach marketing with renewed creativity and determination.

Click, Connect, Convert

Build Relationships and Grow Your Business with Your Online Presence

Join us as we navigate the digital landscape and unveil the untapped potential for financial advisors in online relationship-building. Discover how to leverage digital channels to enhance brand awareness, foster meaningful connections, and drive client conversions effectively. Learn strategic content creation techniques to authentically promote your brand message and maximize your impact. By the end of your time with Kalli, you will know how to build relationships with your target audience, convert more clients, grow your AUM, and build the financial firm you’ve always dreamed of.

Breakout 2024

Workshop 2024

Train your team on your own marketing & branding guidelines and processes

Discover how to empower your team to seamlessly execute your brand vision, ensuring consistency and alignment across all marketing efforts. By the end of this session, your team will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively represent your brand, driving cohesive messaging and reinforcing your brand identity.

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