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Brand Setup Is Perfect for New RIAs and those looking for a revamp

Golden arches. Bright orange bucket. Purple and orange text on a white box truck. Polar bears drinking from a glass bottle... I bet you thought of a company brand with each of those descriptions. That is the power of branding. The most important ingredients to unleashing this superpower are visibility and consistency, which is exactly what advisors get when they set their brand up with Kalli Collective.

With our financial advisor brand setup service, our clients walk away with optimized accounts designed to engage their prospects, a suite of assets and collateral to represent their brand, and the power to keep their internal team and external vendors consistent in their brand execution.

Ready to give your brand a voice?

What's Included with brand setup - what you walk away with

What's Expected From Brand Setup - The Kalli Collective process

Expected Time
45 Days

We take stock of what you have, don't have, and wish you had:

  • Existing branding - how do you currently represent yourself?
  • Target Audience - who is your ideal client? Who do you sell your services to?
  • Your Process - how do you work with clients? What is your client journey?
  • Your Presence - do you show up online? Do you contact clients on a regular basis?

After we've reviewed your answers internally, we'll research and take notes on what we think will take your marketing to the next level. On our kick-off call we'll discuss and evaluate our suggestions on:

  • Target Audience - is it narrow enough?
  • Current Branding - does it resonate with your target audience?
  • Platforms - what platforms does your target audience use? What platforms give you credibility?
  • Key Topics - what engages your audience that you are knowledgable about? What subjects can you relate over? 
  • Your Process - do your documents present you well?

Logo, colors, icons, shapes, fonts, tone, audience, everything needed to execute a consistent brand with a call to review & approve.

Create optimized accounts on the platforms determined in step 2 - descriptions, banners, profile pics, and everything in between with a call to review & approve. 

Create updated client documents and an email newsletter template. Deliver all finalized assets (logo, icons, graphics).


Why You Want To Set Up Your Brand With Kalli Collective

Why You want To Set Up Your RIA Brand

Why You Want Kalli Collective To Set It Up

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