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Set up for Success

We’ve created a six-step onboarding process to ensure that everyone on your team and external vendors are always working towards your ultimate marketing goal with your vision in sight.

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Total Time to Onboarding Completion
12 weeks 100%

Take Stock

We take stock of what you have, don’t have, and wish you had.

Time to Completion
1 - 7 days

We send out our surveys the week you sign on as a client. How quickly you complete them is entirely up to you, but generally, this step takes 1 week.

Discuss & Evaluate

After we’ve reviewed your answers internally, we’ll research and take notes on what we think will take your marketing to the next level. On our kick-off call we’ll discuss and evaluate our suggestions on:

Time to Completion
10 days

We need 10 days minimum to research your audience on our end.

Set & refresh YOUR STYLE

Step two lets us know the destination you envision, so in step three, we can create guidelines to remain consistent in everything we do going forward.

Time to Completion
2 weeks

Set up

Step four we create your accounts based on your style guide, set up your project boards, evaluate your current website and documents, build ad accounts, and develop your ad plan.

All Plans
Full Monty
Internet Elixir
Time to Completion
2 - 3 weeks

Every client receives the items with the checkmarks. Items with dots are delivered depending on your service selection.

Deliver & Review set up Call

Step five we review everything we’ve created on a call with you.

Full Monty
Time to Completion
1 - 7 days

We do not move forward with production until your accounts & templates are finalized.

monday tutorial & Maiden voyage

Now that we’ve developed your foundation we move into content creation or website production and show you how to review and approve content in our project management tool, monday.com, 

Time to Completion
4 - 5 weeks

You can opt to combine this with step 5, but we’ve found doing it all at once can feel overwhelming. Instead, we show you how to use Monday.com at the same time your first month of content is ready for your review.

$5,000 one time flat rate fee

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We do offer our onboarding and setup as a standalone service.

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We’re offering 50% off onboarding & setup to the first four advisors who sign up for one of our Full Monty services during the months of September and October.