[Polish] Your Accounts

All Social Accounts

  • Profile Picture – Adjust your logo or use an icon to fit into a 1:1 ratio. If you put a long rectangle into a square it will be too small or cropped. Your profile picture is one of the first things someone sees when your content appears in their feed. Make sure it’s a good first impression!
  • Description – While we aren’t sure the statistics of how many people actually read the “about” on a Facebook page, having one will increase your chances of showing up in a newsfeed and/or search result.
  • Create Ad Account and Tracking Code – Create an ad account for your business and a pixel for your website. You must add code to your website in order to track who visited your website from each platform, so you can retarget them in new ads.
  • Video Playlists – Video playlists do more than organize your videos into categories. They also increase your chances of being found in a newsfeed and/or search result, so make sure to give each one a description about what a viewer can expect.

Facebook Only

  • CTA – By default, Facebook makes the Call to Action at the top right of your page say “Send Message.” Unless you’re religiously checking your Facebook inbox and have the most lenient compliance department out there, you’ll want to change this. We suggest using “Call,” “Visit Website” or “Email.”
  • Video tab / Creator Studio – You can change which profile tabs are displayed as well as the order. Make sure to add the “Video” tab prominently. Then, move over to the “Creator Studio” to check out all the different video features you can add.

LinkedIn Only

  • Feature Videos – Pin your best videos to your profile (different from a page) in “Featured Content” and under the “Employer” section.

YouTube Only

  • First Video – Designate a loading video for new viewers and a separate one for returning followers.
  • Channel keywords – This is different from the hashtags attached to each video. These keywords represent what your channel is about. Post keywords should be related to the topic of the video.
  • Post template and keywords – Creating a template for your posts with a standard closing and keywords is one of the best things you can do to make life easier for your future time-crunched self.
  • Watermark – Not everyone wants a watermark, but we suggest it to really bring home your brand.
  • Contact links – Make sure you add links to your other accounts, website and contact information to your channel, so they show up in the top banner.
  • Thumbnails – Without a good thumbnail, you won’t get views. Make sure to follow best practices for your YouTube videos.
  • End Cards – Now available to all YouTube channels! An end card is the perfect way to get followers and views on your other videos. It adds a clickable thumbnail right there on your video!


You’ll get at least double the amount of views on your videos if you email them out. Multiply those views even further by crafting a well-designed email with the video thumbnail embedded. Save time in the future by creating a template, so you can just swap out the thumbnail and text each time.

Email Signature

Make sure to add an icon that links directly to your YouTube channel.


Make a place for your videos to live on your website that includes both thumbnails and descriptions. Make sure your descriptions contain keywords to assist your SEO efforts.

[Post] To Your Audience

When publishing, make sure you upload your video directly to each platform so it auto-plays in the feed.

Include hashtags to increase your listing in your audiences’ feeds and search results.

Keep videos under 3 minutes to maintain engagement.

Make sure you have proper thumbnails and not an awkward freeze frame with your mouth hanging open.

Make a checklist of every location you need to publish your video or you may forget one.

Share your business page posts on your profiles.

[Promote] Through Advertising

Always use detailed ads. Never boost.

Don’t use questions as video titles on Facebook.

Money goes further on Facebook ads then on LinkedIn ads.

Spend a minimum of $100 on LinkedIn ads.

Facebook is a great place for retired and near-retired individuals. LinkedIn is a great place for active professionals. YouTube is the second largest search engine – second only to Google.

Make sure to drill down on your audience filters, so you’re targeting those you really want to reach.