Let ‘er Drip!

With any successful email marketing campaign, conversion is the goal. The ideal campaign engages with as many people as possible, addressing their pain points/how you can relieve them so they will go forward with your call to action. Traditionally, this would be done by sending out a single not-too-vague, not-too-specific, email blast and crossing your fingers. But what if there was a way to send out automated emails catered toward each individual’s preferences and guided them on a customized journey toward conversion? Let me tell you all about drip campaigns.

What the Heck is a Drip Campaign?

Instead of one email, drip campaigns are an automated series of emails that are sent to your audience. Not only can you set your drip campaign to send at a specific time, but also augment the content of the emails based on certain actions your audience takes. Did they open the email about saving for retirement? Follow it up with one offering an ebook on the subject. Did they not open the one about your charitable giving blog post? Maybe they’re not big readers and sending a video will be a more digestible option. Have they been visiting a particular section of your website more than others? Send them content based on that specific topic. This gives you the ability to cater to each recipient with a more personal touch, without having to write individual emails one-by-one. Think of them like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure Books,” for your potential client. But instead of having to fight a deadly minotaur at the end, they get a new advisor. MUCH BETTER! 

No Lead Left Behind

Not only is a drip campaign great for tailoring each user’s experience to further push the call to action, but since they can be tied to actions instead of specific dates, later customers aren’t missing out on past emails and you’re not having to subject old customers with reused content. For example, instead of scheduling an email to go out on June 9th, with a drip campaign, you can have the campaign trigger whenever a user signs up for an account, or if they visit the site a certain amount of times. No longer do you have to think about when the perfect time would be to roll out email marketing content. You get the ball rolling when they get the ball rolling.

No More Growing Pains for Growing ‘Paigns

We already know drip campaigns are perfect for pinpoint engagement with your leads, but did you know THEY CAN ALSO HELP WITH CREATING BETTER DRIP CAMPAIGNS? Compared to sending a single email, at the end of a drip campaign, you’re given a richer array of analytics. You don’t simply have a list of who opened the email and who didn’t. You have the click-through rates of each email, as well as what emails resonated the most with people. This gives you the chance to nurture leads even further by creating sub-groups of potential clients and tailoring hyper-specific drip campaigns to them, getting you one step closer to that sweet, sweet conversion.

Kalli Collective is DRIPPING With Expertise.

If you’re looking to see your conversion rates skyrocket through drip campaigns, but don’t know where to start, YOU’RE IN LUCK! The superstar team at Kalli Collective is here to strategize, visualize and realize your marketing goals. You know you’re a Savvy Advisor; contact us today so we can prove it to the world.